Trump Promises Taxpayer Money For Religious Schools

Trump Promises Taxpayer Money For Religious Schools

Trump’s school choice plan will fund private religious schools and destroy secular public education in the United States. During his address before a joint session…

by Michael Stone
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1 thought on “Trump Promises Taxpayer Money For Religious Schools

  1. Strange, the President of the United States of America is promising US-tax-payers money for Madrass schools, in other words, he bans certain people from entering the USA based on their religion and at the same time he is planning to use US-tax-payers to subsidize their schools!

    Madrass schools are schools were the sharia is learned to children, it are schools that are part of the Mosques, and were this same man bans people with the Muslim faith to enter the USA because he (and his administration) regards the people with the Muslim faith from those certain banned countries as a danger to the national security of the USA and its People, this man is planning to use tax-payers money to subsidize the schools were a oppressive and suppressive ideology (according to the Trump administration!) is on the roster to be learned to the children……

    Because, when Trump promises to subsidize religious schools he can not limit that subsidizing to christian religious schools, as when he would he would violate the principle of separation of church and state, the Constitution clearly states that the government of the USA shall not support a specific religion!
    By planning to subsidize the christian religious schools the President of the USA is stating that he also the muslim religious schools!

    Strange man this US-President called Trump, either he is really mentally ill (a consequence of suffering of syphilis in an progressed state), or he is genetically insane (due to insanity in the family), or he is socially rotten!
    At least is he Constitutionally a moron, as everyone with some knowledge of the Constitution does know that any sign of preference of whatever religion is prohibited, and will lead to a ban by the Federal Supreme Court (SCOTUS)!

    On the other hand, when Trump is going to subsidize religious schools, and under the law he then must subsidize all(!) religious schools, he will be forced to have tax-payers pay for all(!) religious schools, including the muslim religious schools, the atheist schools, the schools and academies of all(!) religions recognized in the USA!

    Is this man really stupid?


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