Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath About Meeting Russian Ambassador

Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath About Meeting Russian Ambassador

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the man who claims a secular person does not understand the truth as well as a religious person, lied under oath…

by Michael Stone
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1 thought on “Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath About Meeting Russian Ambassador

  1. “A religious individual understands the principle of truth better then an individual who has no religion”………….

    Strange isn’t it?

    The one who claims to be religious to the core, mister Sessions himself, claims to be knowing the truth better the anyone who is not religious, and at the same time this same mister Sessions tries to wiggle himself out of the problem of having been telling the truth or not, by claiming that he did not talk to the Russian Ambassador as a member of the Trump campaign team but as Senator, and that the question put to him referred to the position of member of the Trump Campaign Team!

    Mister Sessions claims to be knowing the truth better then a non-religious person, so one would expect that mister Sessions would know that telling a lie instead of the truth is wrong, in the eyes of the God he revers!

    That he had met the Russian Ambassador as a Senator of the American Congress is nothing special, as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress the mister Sessions would meet with the Russian Ambassador, sort of normal practice!

    Meeting (or talking which is sort of meeting) with the Russian Ambassador as a member of the Trump Campaign Team is another matter, especially when one knows that the meeting (or talks) with the Russian Ambassador appeared or happened right at the moment that discussions (let it put it that way) about interference by Russia into the election process were starting and became public!

    Mister Sessions was aware that his communications (talks by phone or person to person meetings) with the Russian Ambassador at that specific time were not as Member of Congress, not as member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Congress, at that point of time there were no communications between the said Committee and the Russians, nor with anyone else for that matter, when we check the leger of the said Committee, so mister Sessions was very well aware that he had met the Russian Ambassador when asked the question if he had met or talked with the Russian Ambassador, but he choose to answer no, I have not met nor talked with the Russian Ambassador.

    Mister Sessions lied!
    He had talked to and with the Russian Ambassador, and said no I have not!
    That is a lie, an untruth!

    Taking into consideration that mister Sessions as a religious individual (self-proclaimed!) has declared that he knows the truth better then someone who is not religious, mister Session has lied to his God!
    Knowing the truth and meanwhile lying about the truth, what mister Sessions did, one is committing blasphemy, and God is not very fond of blasphemy!
    Lying about something that one knows is a lie and a affront to the God when one claims to be knowing the principle of truth, and the difference between truth and lie, between fact and illusion!

    Mister Sessions has lied, as the highest law enforcer of the country mister Sessions has lied, and not only that, he lied under oath!

    An oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is the basis of law enforcement! Of justice!

    The highest official in the Justice Department, the one who has to sent out directives to all American law enforcement officers around the country, and sometimes even the world, has lied under oath!
    He, the one responsible for other law enforcement officers to not lie under oath, or when they do prosecute them for lying under oath, has lied under oath himself!

    How is it possible that someone who claims to be better because he is a religious person, because he knows the difference between truth and lie because he is religious, starts lying about facts in front of the Committee that has to determine if he is the best person for the job of Secretary of Justice, the highest law enforcer of the country?

    How can we, the People, expect our highest law enforcer to be honest about anything when this same individual lied about his own actions, to get someone elected or to influence certain elections?

    When he is asked to be taking a decision on a matter that involves a religious individual and a non-religious individual, who tells us, the People, that this highest law enforcer will decide on the basis of facts, of evidence, of proof?
    And not on the basis of an assumed being-better-then-the-non-religious individual principle?

    Would he send out instructions to the lower law enforcers that they must religious people over non-religious people? Based on the claim that religious people are better dealing with the truth then non-religious people?
    He himself has given proof that he is a liar, that he mishandles the truth, that his interpretation being truthful and honest is a false one, and then he expects that we, the People, are accepting him to be the highest law enforcer of the land, the country!

    How can we have any trust in a person who from the start of his functioning has lied, even has obtained the position he is in by lying?
    Knowingly and purposely lying!

    Sorry mister Sessions, go find another job, preferably in a religious position, as we know that religious people lie and cheat, and we do not need a lying cheater in the position of the highest la enforcer of the United States of America!


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