NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving Claims The Earth Is Flat

Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star guard Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat, and that the authorities “lie to us.” While appearing on a recent edition of the podcast Road Trippin’ with RJ &…

by Michael Stone
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One thought on “NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving Claims The Earth Is Flat

  1. Well, as long as this idiot stays out of anything public, like church or politics, it’s OK, isn’t it?

    One thing worries me though, and that is that these kind of morons breed like the apes, lets hope his breeding capacities are as minimal as his brains are!

    Another thing worries me also, when media give these kind of backward creatures a podium, and when they speak with such an certainty, how many other brainless idiots are out there, convinced of the same idiot facts?
    Surely this moron didn’t come up with the idea of the earth being flat on his own, for such an idea to develop in his peanut-size brains, they are too small to even being aware of being alive, so someone must have put the idea there, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, as long as he’s happy with the idea, that the earth is flat, let him be happy, and play the idiot on the field, but one thing of advice to the media: leave the idiot alone please, he’s better off being in the loony-bin then be taken serious, and spend money and time on him!


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