President Trump calls alleged 2016 campaign contact with Russia ‘non-sense’

President Trump calls alleged 2016 campaign contact with Russia ‘non-sense’

7:31 a.m. ET

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump called reports that his 2016 campaign team was in “constant” contact with senior Russian intelligence officials “non-sense,” alleging that the news “is merely an attempt to cover up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”

U.S. officials told The New York Times and CNN that they intercepted phone calls by members of Trump’s campaign, proving the connection, a revelation that came just hours after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from his post following The Washington Post‘s reports that the Justice Department warned the White House that Flynn had discussed sanctions with Russia’s ambassador before Trump’s inauguration, and could be subject to blackmail.

Trump has argued that the “illegal leaks” are the “real story,” and on Wednesday added: “Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?). Just like Russia.” The Kremlin also called the reports “not based on any facts.” Jeva Lange

One thought on “President Trump calls alleged 2016 campaign contact with Russia ‘non-sense’

  1. Referring to disclosures of information being released by the intelligence agencies as being non-sense and the real news being the leaks of the intell-information is typical for both the GOP (aka right-wing terrorists) as well an authority driven into a corner!

    Trump is exposed as a liar by his own intelligence agencies, and he tries to divert the attention from his lies to the officials who told the People what happened and happens…..

    We all know that Trump and his lying bunch of right-wing terrorists are lying through their teeth, and are meanwhile trying to profit from as much as they can from the position of PUSA, disregarding the fact that the People keep on pinching and prodding, to find out what the liars are doing, to them as People and to the Country!

    Attempting to divert attention from his criminal actions (and those by his staff and members of cabinet) means that he knows what is happening, and what has been done!

    No one can ignore the fact that Trump”s own security agencies (CIA, FBI and others) are in fact disloyal to his administration, and loyal to the People when and were they disclose intell on what is happening within the secrecy of the Trump Administration!

    Neither can be ignored that when Trump tries to divert attention from facts to “alternative facts” like officials leaking info to newspapers, he tries to draw attention to the disloyalty of the agencies!

    The fact that these same agencies are bypassing the administration shows that they ignore the position of the PUSA, but instead value the information of the People higher!

    The fact (and that’s not an “alternative fact”!) that the Trump administration is ruling by and through Executive Orders and not by and through proposals to Congress (i.e. the People) says enough about the mind-set of Trump and his scumbags!

    Only dictators rule by Executive Orders and by-pass the representatives of the People, especially when the topic of the matter dealth with by the EO’s is important to the People!

    Healthcare is not a matter that is foreign business, no it is a domestic matter of great importance to a great number of people! It though is dealth with through EOs, without direct influence by Congress!

    Immigration is a matter of domestic importance, and again Congress is not included in the decision making! Not even consulted!
    Trump forgets that he himself is born from immigrants, as every white American is born from immigrants!
    Trump also forgets that, in relation to the EO on access to the USA, the countries he banned from accessing the USA no danger for the USA was found, when before the courts the administration was unable to proof a danger coming from the banned countries!

    On the other hand, the countries that indeed present a terrorist danger to the USA, countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other non-Muslim countries were NOT on the list of banned countries!
    The two named countries actually and factually delivered the terrorists that performed the biggest terrorist attack on American soil ever, 9/11!
    Especially Saudi Arabia was the source of the terrorists who flew planes into the WTC, and still there is a huge community of religious terrorists inside the Saudi Arabian society that wants to destroy the USA, though the country is not limited accessing the USA by Trump!
    Trump banned specifically Muslims accessing the USA, making the EO illegal and unlawful, as he allowed people with and of other religions to access the USA without problems!

    He also forgets, or ignored, that the terrorist attacks happening in the USA in 2015, 2016 and 2017 were by people who either were born in the USA (second or even third generation!) and were muslim, or were born in the USA and were christian!

    There have not been any terrorist attack on American soil in these years committed by individuals coming from the countries mentioned in the Executive Order, and there has no proof presented that from these countries there was a danger of individuals to come to the USA to commit a terrorist attack!

    Lying and persecuting a group of people based on their religion is illegal, and unlawful, and contempt of the Constitution!

    Diverting attention from the real facts to “alternative facts” is diverting attention from facts to lies, that is creating lies and falsifications!

    There is now Flynn-gate, there will be Conway-gate, there will be Trump-gate and there will be GOP-gate!

    And then there will be one gate… the one through which Trump as PUSA will be forced to leave discredited, labeled a criminal, a destroyer of American values and norms and making it impossible for him privately to maintain a business!


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