Donald Trump, PUSA says: Flynn Did ‘Nothing Wrong’

White House: Flynn Did ‘Nothing Wrong’
White House: Flynn Did ‘Nothing Wrong’
BY Kimberly Dozier and Jana Winter
They blamed vindictive reporters, overworked staff, and Obama ‘sleeper cells.’ Then Trump’s allies were forced to admit that the national security adviser did himself in.

One thought on “Donald Trump, PUSA says: Flynn Did ‘Nothing Wrong’

  1. All that Flynn did was breaking the law, by talking as an civilian without ANY position to and with a member of a nation the USA has, and is in conflict with, and Flynn lied to the Vice-President of the USA when he, Flynn told the VPUSA that had not discussed state affairs with the representative of the country the USA is in conflict with!

    And due to the lies and dishonesty of and by mister civilian Flynn the VPUSA lied to the People of the USA!

    But according to the President of the United States of America, the mister lying and cheating Donald Trump himself, the fellow liar Flynn did nothing wrong…….. showing that lies and cheating is not wrong, is a normal thing and practice for the American administration of the year 2017!

    Donald Trump (there is no White House that speaks, the President of the USA speaks and makes statements, there are only people representing the President when a statement is made, there are no spokespersons who have an opinion of their own, they speak and make statements on behalf of the President of the USA!) thinks and feels it OK for a Security Advisor to the President of the United States of America to lie, cheat and break the law!

    What does Donald Trump himself think of truth and honesty, when he finds it OK that his SAPUSA is lying, cheating and breaking the law?

    Obviously he thinks it is alright to break the law, that it is OK to lie to the People, that it is good that the VPUSA is lied to and is forced to lie to the People……..

    Don’t forget, Trump is a businessman, who lie and cheat, and Trump is a liar as has been proven in the past and after he became inaugurated as President!
    None of the vows he made have been realized, have been implemented, there is no check and balance to anything he has said or done!

    He rules by Executive Order, he tweets on social media, and neither of them are subject to the check and balance of the Congress!
    He issues a decree to ban people from certain countries based on religion, which is by definition unconstitutional, so he has the wrong advisors, he persists in keeping that unconstitutional decree active, though several courts have dismissed the decree as being unconstitutional!

    He issues decrees that revoke laws on the books, without Congress being able to agree…..

    And then this same man declares that a criminal has done nothing wrong…… It is not up to the PUSA to decide if someone has done anything legally wrong, that is were the courts decide on!

    That is why there is Separation of Judiciary and State, that is were the Independence of the Courts, the Judiciary comes in, the Executive Power has no say in or on what is illegal or criminal!

    Trump IS a criminal, and must be treated as such: impeachment!


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