College Republicans Apologize For Hitler Themed Valentine’s Day Card

Welcome to Trump’s America: College Republicans at Central Michigan University circulate a Valentine’s Day card mocking the Jews killed in the Holocaust. The Valentine’s Day card features a photo of Adolf Hitler…

by Michael Stone
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One thought on “College Republicans Apologize For Hitler Themed Valentine’s Day Card

  1. And that’s it?
    An hypocritical apology and then the scumbags can go on as usual?

    Expel them from the university, and prosecute them for an hate-crime!
    And punish them with the highest possible sentence: life without parole!

    And when they claim Freedom of Speech, hang them upside down in the town’s square, and have the People trow eggs and rotten tomato’s at them, as their act of Freedom of Speech!

    And when they then have the audacity to protest in any way, or show no remorse for the hate-crime they committed, have them stripped, and have their genitals removed, so they will never ever be able to produce any off-spring!

    The world doesn’t need creatures like this, and the world doesn’t want such creatures!

    Hate-crimes are the most serious crimes possible, they show contempt for other people’s existence, they incite murders and killings, and they degrade those who were killed and murdered without any reason!
    Those committing hate-crimes are lower then the ones who committed war-crimes, like exterminating millions of people because they were Jews, Homosexuals, Mentally ill, their ethnic background, their nationality, their skin color, their social state, their political affiliation etc. etc.

    Hate-criminals are the undesirables of the 21st century, and must be removed from society and the communities, all over the world!


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