One thought on “Trump to Great Britain: “Veto any future anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution”

  1. As if this piece of shit has anything to say on how other countries vote!

    What does mister Trumpshit think he is?
    The new adolf hitler or something?

    Mister Trumpshit is nothing more then a liar and a cheat, who’s only able to claim ownership of anything but in fact owns nothing but debts to banks, hedge funds and other financiers who own all and everything Trumpshit claims to be owning!

    The moment his IRS-info is released to the public, by whomever, everyone wil know that claiming something doesn’t mean it to be fact!

    Telling another country how to vote on matters that relate to close-to-heart of his family mister Trumpshit must be very well aware that he crosses lines that are not to be crossed, and will retaliated by those who are assumed to be subject to his threats!

    Mister Trumpshit may be thinking because of his so-called wealth that he has power, but fact is that the glass house he has been living in is something totally different to the Real World and the Real People!

    When mister Trumpshit thinks he can order or instruct the United Kingdom how to vote in regard to the resolutions before the United Nations Security Council or any other institution, mister Trumpshit will experience that he is nothing more then one Head of State who is subjected to the principle of democracy, regardless of his dislike of the principle that the majority decides and not a single idiot!

    My advice to the mister Trumpshit is simple: Fuck Off and Get Lost!


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