Taiwanese President Plans 2 U.S. Stops

Taiwanese President Plans 2 U.S. Stops
Taiwan’s president is going ahead with plans to make two stops in the U.S. next month en route to Central America—hitting both San Francisco and Houston on the way. The visit promises to anger China, which has already demanded that Washington prohibit President Tsai Ing-wen and her delegation from landing stateside entirely. The Houston visit will be on Jan. 7, before Tsai goes to San Francisco on Jan 13. According to an official schedule, she travels next to Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Beijing has repeatedly asked the U.S. to prevent Tsai’s trip through the U.S., in order to avoid “sending the wrong signal to Taiwanese independence forces.” President-elect Donald Trump last month broke decades of diplomatic protocol, speaking on the phone with Tsai after his election victory. It was believed to be the first contact between a president-elect in the U.S. and the leader of Taiwan since 1979. Shortly afterward, China’s foreign ministry lodged an official diplomatic complaint with the U.S. over the talk.

One thought on “Taiwanese President Plans 2 U.S. Stops

  1. One of the more (if not the most) interesting questions, diplomatically, at this point is: were will the President-elect Trumpshit be when the Taiwanese President is on American soil….. will he be in Houston, under the pretext of checking on his new Air Force One and meanwhile meeting the Taiwanese President, causing an un-official new diplomatic row with the Chinese Beijing Mainland government, or will he be in San Francisco, causing an official new row with the same?

    If the PUSA-elect be wise (Trumpshit and wise are two opposing principles as we all have been seeing in the not so long past) he’d be out of her way at all moments, to prevent a new row with the Beijing officials, considering the power of and by the Beijing Clique, as well as considering the increasing regional power by the same, but it is already expected that somehow some way there be a new even more serious reaction from the Beijing officials, regardless of Trumpshit going to meet the runaway Taiwanese!


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