Trump Blasts ‘Inflammatory’ Obama

Trump Blasts ‘Inflammatory’ Obama
President-elect Donald Trump has evidently turned on President Barack Obama, with whom he has had a chummy relationship since being elected last month. The real-estate mogul blasted the current occupant of the Oval Office on Twitter on Wednesday for his “inflammatory” statements. “Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition—NOT!” Trump wrote, seemingly in response to Obama’s suggestion that he would’ve defeated Trump in a head-to-head matchup. He also accused the Obama administration of treating Israel with “total disdain and disrespect.” That remark earned high praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who tweeted in response: “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel!”

One thought on “Trump Blasts ‘Inflammatory’ Obama

  1. A smooth transition means to keep your mouth shut when and while the previous PUSA is still in office mister Trumpshit!
    Obama is still the President of the USA and Obama is still the ruling President who takes and makes decisions!
    You mister Trumpshit are not, and you are at this moment in time still a normal citizen who has to abide the law and rules that have been set out for all common citizens of the USA!

    Only after your inauguration you can bribe whomever you want, have your butt licked clean by whomever wants to, like the PM of the state of Israel at this moment already is doing, simply to keep on getting payed for all the treason of the values and norms of the USA!

    But mister Trumpshit, be aware that more then half of the Jewish population of the USA is anti-Netanyahu, and want him out, as he is the one destroying the state of Israel and is while doing that demolishing the relation with the USA!

    You mister Trumpshit can do whatever you want once you are in office, at this moment you are a nothing, an individual who by more then half of the American people are not their President-elect, our are the President-elect of a bunch of ill-informed, lied-to idiots who have been tricked into voting for a clown, nothing more and nothing less!

    A clown is going to rule the USA, in a way that will ruing the USA, that will destroy the USA’s economical, social and any other way of the USA!


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