Criminal Probe of Netanyahu ‘Launched’

Criminal Probe of Netanyahu ‘Launched’
Israel’s attorney general’s office has reportedly launched a criminal probe into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over allegations of bribery and fraud. Netanyahu’s government has described the accusations as false and part of an attempt to undermine his legitimacy. The reported investigation into Netanyahu stems from his foreign trips during his time as Israel’s foreign minister, in addition to an allegation that he improperly accepted 1 million euros.

One thought on “Criminal Probe of Netanyahu ‘Launched’

  1. According to the PM of Israel the mister Netanyahu the people of the attorney general’s office are ofcourse all self-loathing Jews, who are in addition anti-Semites with ties to DAESH/ISIS!

    Fact though is that without proof there would not be an investigation into corruption and bribery of and by the PM of the state of Israel, and we all know what happened to the former Attorney-General of the state of Israel, he was dismissed and the investigation then was stopped by his successor!

    One wonders why the accused will not let the investigation go ahead, instead of obstructing in all possible ways the way of Justice, as when he has not taken a million dollar in bribes there be no danger of him being found guilty is there?

    Being corrupt is a matter of normal life for some people, taking/accepting money (aka being bribed) for a favor is something that is considered normal practice in post-Communist Poland as it was in Communist Poland, stupidity also is a matter of normal day practice as is arrogance.

    (PM Netanyahu origins are from Poland, and his Father’s real name was Benzion Mileikowsky, from Warsaw, Poland, and supported the creation of the Zionist state we now know under the name Israel. source wikipedia).


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