[The nazis are atr it again!] Conservative Group Wants Trump To ‘Ferret Out’ Pro-LGBT State Department Workers

12/16/2016 04:57 pm ET |

A leading social conservative organization is calling on the Trump administration to “ferret out” employees at the State Department who worked to promote LGBT rights and replace them with conservatives.

The Family Research Council, in a little-noticed statement on Thursday, accused the Obama administration of having deployed the State Department to advance an LGBT agenda, and argued it was incumbent on the next secretary of state ― likely ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson ― to stop it.

“I certainly don’t see Tillerson cut from the same cloth as [Hillary] Clinton or [John] Kerry, but he doesn’t have to be for these anti-life, liberal social policies to continue,” said a statement that appears to be written by the group’s president, Tony Perkins. “He must have the courage to stop the promotion of this anti-family, anti-life agenda, which is very much a question mark given that he capitulated to activists pushing to liberalize the Boy Scouts’ policy on homosexuality when he was at the helm of the organization.

“The incoming administration needs to make clear that these liberal policies will be reversed and the ‘activists’ within the State Department promoting them will be ferreted out and will be replaced by conservatives who will ensure the State Department focuses on true international human rights like religious liberty which is under unprecedented assault,” the statement concludes.

The Family Research Council is one of the last remaining major interest groups to wage these types of cultural wars. But there is a dark, McCarthyist undertone to the idea that an incoming administration should remove civil servants who have pushed for the advancement of LGBT rights; in part because it’s a slippery slope to removing people who are, themselves, LGBT.

Trump has been far more moderate on LGBT rights than many Republicans ― perhaps a reflection of his cosmopolitan, socially liberal upbringing. And it would be an abrupt about-face for him to take this advice after repeatedly criticizing Hillary Clinton for not standing up further to countries that didn’t have strong records on LGBT rights.

Indeed, after this article was published, Trump’s transition team released a statement expressing strong opposition to the Family Research Council’s appeal.

“President-elect Trump campaigned on a message of unity in order to bring all Americans together. To think that discrimination of any kind will be condoned or tolerated in a Trump Administration is simply absurd,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said.

But Trump’s transition team has also tried a variation of fettering at another agency. His transition sought the names of Department of Energy employees that worked on climate change matters. The department this week denied that request.

This article has been updated to include comment from a Trump transition spokesman.

One thought on “[The nazis are atr it again!] Conservative Group Wants Trump To ‘Ferret Out’ Pro-LGBT State Department Workers

  1. Sounds a bit like
    “Fret out the Jews and replace them with blond-haired, blue-eyed Real Germans”
    doesn’t it?

    That was what was happening before the WW2 when the national-socialists took over in nazi-Germany, and now in the land with the motto The Free religious nazis are demanding that homosexuals and homosexuality supporting people are “fretted out” to be replaced with people who are faithful to the doctrines of exclusion, separation, segregation and hate!

    Homosexuals will NOT be the Jews of the 21st century, and homosexuals will NOT be excluded from society, communities or institutions!

    The ones that should be legally excluded are the ones who are forcing people out because they are homosexual!
    We’ve had enough of religious zealots to force other people out and away from their rights and their duties!
    As long as here are religious zealots like this “leading conservative religious group” demanding that other people are removed from communities because of their orientation and are interfering with politics (which is illegal and un-constitutional) we must fight them, and force them back into their dark corners and have them rotted out!

    We all know the history, we all know what happens when people are removed and “fretted out” and we all know what does happen with the next group that these religious misfits will focusing on!



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