Guards punish black inmates more severely than whites inside New York State prisons

Guards punish black inmates more severely than whites inside New York State prisons, a Times investigation found

Saturday, December 3, 2016 8:03 AM EST

The racism can be felt from the moment black inmates enter New York’s upstate prisons.
They describe being called porch monkeys, spear chuckers and worse. There are cases of guards ripping out dreadlocks. One inmate, John Richard, reported that he was jumped at Clinton Correctional Facility by a guard who threatened to “serve up some black mashed potatoes with tomato sauce.”
“As soon as you come through receiving, they let you know whose house it is,” said Darius Horton, who was recently released from Groveland Correctional Facility after serving six years for assault.
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One thought on “Guards punish black inmates more severely than whites inside New York State prisons

  1. Lets all hope with al possible sincerity that these scumbags are not in the house when there is a revolt, or an upraise as has been happening several times in UK prisons in the last couple of years!
    (and no, I am not referring to the prisoners, I am clearly referring to the so-called guards!)

    As far as I am concerned theses racists can be thrown off the top of the roof of each prison, piled on top of eachother, and then, dead, hurt or alive, burned with kerosene!

    Prisoners are in prison for a reason indeed, they have committed crimes that deserve punishment, and the more severe the crime committed, the more severe the sentence should be!

    BUT having said that, additional “punishments” by and through the hands of the guards are reason to subject these guards to the same “punishment” as they delivered to the prisoners!

    Prisoners have not lost their human rights, prisoners enjoy the same legal protection against abuse and mistreatment as every other individual, regardless of what they have done and what they are in prison for!

    That is why I recommend to subject the so-called guards who mistreat prisoners, who abuse prisoners and or who ignore the rights of the prisoners, to be subjected to the same “punishments” as they have subjected the prisoners to!

    America has the policy of tooth for a tooth, blood for blood, a life for a life, and as long as that policy is not abandoned by officials and authorities, we all should implement that policy on those who ignore the law and who abuse those who are brought under the protection of the authorities!

    The authorities are responsible and accountable for all people under and in their protection and jurisdiction, and every(!) breach of the law on an individual who is in the jurisdiction of the government (and prisoners are a category who are in fact in the jurisdiction of the government!) must be punished according to the law (and when the law OKs the abuse of prisoners, then te abusers must be treated equal to the way the abused have been treated!

    The American legal system IS rotten, stinking and corrupt to the core, and as long as we The People do not change it, we must practice that what is OKed by the government and the law!

    Perhaps that way the authorities will come to their senses, when abusive guards are killed by throwing them off roofs, when abusive guards are shot when at home, when abusive guards are brought to trial and sentenced to the same abuses as they have subjected the prisoners to, and perhaps only then authorities will change the politics and policies!

    My opinion


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