Kiev to hold missile-firing exercise over Crimea, where civil aviation performs flights

Kiev to hold missile-firing exercise over Crimea, where civil aviation performs flights – Moscow

RT | November 25, 2016

Ukraine has made a unilateral decision to organize missile-firing exercises over Crimea, in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya reported. Missiles will be fired in regions where civil and state aviation flights run.

Kiev’s move breaches a number of international laws and agreements, Rosaviatsiya said, adding that not only will the military exercise invade Russian territory, but the plans also had not been coordinated with Moscow.

Ukraine released an aviation notification on Thursday, activating “dangerous zones” in all flight levels near Crimea and the city of Simferopol for December 1 and 2, the agency reported. It added that the “dangerous” areas included airspace above open sea which is in Russia’s area of responsibility, and over Russian territorial waters.

The notifications released have not been coordinated with the appropriate Russian authorities, Rosaviatsiya said in its statement. It added that such unilateral moves demonstrate Ukraine’s unwillingness to work on the normalization of air traffic above the Black Sea.

Kiev has also violated annexes of the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation, the agency said, while demanding the immediate cancellation of the planned actions in Russia’s sovereign airspace.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army refused to comment on the matter, TASS reported. The head of the staff press service, Vladislav Seleznyov, told the agency it was not his department’s responsibility to “comment on this information,” and referred the outlet to other Ukrainian officials, including the Foreign Ministry, for more information.

The planned missile-launch exercises are “potentially dangerous for civil aviation,” Rosaviatsiya said in its statement, adding that it could lead to tragedies similar to those with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014 and the downing of a Russian passenger plane over the Black Sea in 2001.

The investigation into the Malaysian Boeing-777 crash in eastern Ukraine, which killed all 298 people on board en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, continues.

Another incident involving military missiles happened over the Black Sea in October 2001, when a Siberia Airlines Tu-154 en route from Tel-Aviv to Novosibirsk was downed by a missile launched by the Ukrainian military during an exercise. Seventy-eight people died.

Russia has informed both Russian and international air carriers of Kiev’s planned move, a Rosaviatsiya representative told TV channel Rossiya 24. Saying that Moscow is taking all measures to provide security for the flights, he added that Russia will be forced to ban all flights in the Crimea region should Ukraine not cancel its decision.

One thought on “Kiev to hold missile-firing exercise over Crimea, where civil aviation performs flights

  1. Firing missiles over the soil of another sovereign country is a breach of relevant international laws and rules!
    Doing so is provocation to the country that is fired over, and that country has the right, according to the relevant laws and rules, to reciprocate, as well as have the right to consider the missiles to be an attack on its soil and state, and act accordingly!

    It shows again that the Kiev-based “government” is willingly and knowingly provoking a war between Russia and the Ukraine, therewith acting against all agree treaties and outcomes of negotiations!

    The Crimea is, de facto, Russian territory, the people of the Crimea have democratically voted to belong to Russia, and as such the Crimea is Russian territory, legally and lawfully!

    The fact that some in the western world refuse to accept the decision by the Crimean population is a problem of these people in the West, the fact that the Ukraine is governed by a total corrupt and illegal bunch of individuals doesn’t change that responsibility, as does the eagerness of some Europeans to drag the Ukraine into the European Union, as 20th (or when the UK has left, the 28th) member state means nothing more then that the position of Europe is only to provoke Russia!

    There have never been presented any proof of presence of Russian military on the Crimea other then a well-known and well-accepted military base, as there has never been presented any proof of presence of Russian presence in the eastern part of the Ukraine!
    Not by independent observers, not by representatives of the European parliament, not by Ukrainian investigators!


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