Safed Rabbi: Suspected arsonists can be shot

Safed Rabbi: Suspected arsonists can be shot; ‘it could’ve prevented this tragedy’

The Rabbi said Chilul Shabbat (desecration of Sabbath) is permitted in order to call the police in case someone sees suspicious acts, or to shoot the suspects if necessary.

image description Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu Photo credit: PR/Channel 2 News

Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, the rabbi of Safed, wrote on his Facebook page Friday that Jewish Israelis should shoot suspected Arab arsonists if it is necessary.

The Rabbi posted on his page an answer to a question he had been asked about whether or not it is permitted to violate the Shabbat in order to stop arsonists. “The Prime Minister has described these arson acts as terrorism,” the rabbi wrote. “Of course it is permitted to violate the Shabbat to stop them, and if it is necessary – to shoot them.”

“It’s a miracle that nobody was burned alive so far, but we cannot trust miracles,” he added. “If they had shot the arsonists in Beit Meir, Karmi’el or Haifa, this whole tragedy could have been avoided,” Rabbi Eliahu concluded his answer.

In response to these statements, Yesh Atid MK Yael German has asked the Attorney General to investigate the rabbi for alleged incitement. “During these difficult times, we must strengthen our solidarity and not our common hatred,” she said.

One thought on “Safed Rabbi: Suspected arsonists can be shot

  1. It probably is only me, but when I hear, read or see a religious leader tell his followers that it is OK to shoot, kill another human being, I am starting to wonder, no I mean question the development of the brain-cells of that religious leader!

    Seems to me that wen a religious leader, of whatever faith, is speaking he is expected to do so on behalf of the deity he is representing, right?
    In the case of this religious leader (the one referred to in the posted article) I miss out on the deity, unless ofcourse this religious leader refers to the leader of the country, mister Netanyahu the PM of the state of Israel as being his deity, hid God!

    That mister Netanyahu has declared that all fires in the state of Israel are considered and treated as terrorist attacks, and now this religious leader says that because f the fact that the PM of the state of Israel has said the fires are equal to terrorist attacks it is allowed to shoot, kill someone who is suspected to have set the fires!

    The whole world, at least the ones with some knowledge and background information, know that as well the Thora as the Bible speak of the destruction of the world by fire…..

    Opposite to many citizens of the state of Israel I am not of the opinion that mister Netanyahu is God or any deity for that matter, so when this religious leader says that Netanyah says it is OK to treat people who start fires to be treated as terrorists and the religious leader subsequently says that it is OK to shoot, kill them, and when I at the same time read the religious book relevant, I am, to say the least, a bit confused……..

    Either this religious leader is a total idiot (personally I consider ALL religious leaders being total idiots….), OR he is a blasphemist (as when the state of Israel is exterminated by fire (with which I would have not a big problem….) it probably is by the hand of the deity), and thus should be shot, killed by those superior to him (so says the religious book!), OR this religious leader has found another deity then the one that according to the book created everything alive in the person of mister Netanyahu, the person who destroys anything alive as long as it is not Jewish!

    In all 3 options this religious leader is a hate-preacher, an idiot and a complete moron!

    How is it possible that these kind of creatures are permitted to perform any duty in any community one asks oneself!

    Hate-spreading religious zealots, who call for the killing of individuals who’s guilt is not established, and pointing the finger to a certain group of people!

    How is it possible that people with their brains functioning are actually regarding the words of this sort of mentally ill retards as truth and as guidance for and to their existence?

    Isn’t it a sign of community retardiness when a whole community is accepting a leader who is able to OK the shooting, killing, murder of another individual, based on the words of a well-known mass-murderer and war-criminal?

    A religious leader must without any exception base his opinions and rulings on that what is written in the religious book, and make the interpretations that he as religious leader gets from that book, and when he is a total nutcase, claim that his godly deity has spoken to him (which he can never proof anyway)!

    Perhaps (and that might a real-time option when one believes in the existence of a godly deity!) the Jewish God has become so angry with what is done through and by the state of Israel that in and with his power uses other human beings to destroy all and everything that exists within the boundaries and borders of the state of Israel!

    It probably would be more fitting for this religious leader to claim that his deity has informed (by whatever means, telephone, cable, drug-induced intoxication) him as religious leader that the state of Israel at the verge of total destruction by fire, as promised in the religious book sacred to the Jewish People!
    At least then this religious leader would maintain some dignity fitting for his position as rabbi!
    Now he is nothing more then a foul, mentally ill retard who’s calling to the assassination of people!

    My Opinion!


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