International police chiefs apologize for mistreatement of minorities

International police chiefs apologize for mistreatement of minorities

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MSNBC – One of the world’s leading police organizations issued a formal apology Monday for its historic mistreatment of minority communities. Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Association…

One thought on “International police chiefs apologize for mistreatement of minorities

  1. What a joke!
    And what a bunch of sickening cowards these so-called international police chiefs are!

    Because, when they KNOW they need to apologize for the treatment of minorities, why then not change the policies, the attitudes and the practices by their relevant police forces?

    Why not force the cops on the streets to be better cops, towards people who belong to or are part of a minority?

    Why are police forces to all over the world still mistreating (to put it mlldy!) homosexual people?

    Why are police forces all over the USA still sooting innocnet people, either in the face or in the back?

    Why are the police forces with police officers who spray people with poison in the face?

    Why are there police officers who use neck-locks that kill people?

    Why are there police chiefs who refuse to have external investigators investigate incidents wereby a person has been killed by a police officer?

    Why are police officers who have tortured people who’ve been arrested left off with mild sentences, or not at all punished for their practices?

    What a joke! The international Police Chiefs apologies for the mistreatment of minorities!

    Let ME tell you one single thing International Police Chiefs: we, the individuals of the minorities do NOT accept your phony apologies, and we DEMAND action,

    clear and sound actions against all those police officers
    who are corrupt,
    who torture people for simply standing there and protests against something,
    who falsify evidence,
    who plant evidence to get an individual convicted,
    who spray protesters with poison in the face,
    who abuse people being arrested,
    who use neck-locks that kill people,
    who shoot people in the back,
    who torture people while awaiting appearances at courts,
    who have shot someone, for whatever reason but do not appear before a court of independent investigators!

    You set of International Police Chiefs are SERVANTS of the and to the People, so start serving the People!

    You apologies are dismissed… as the rubbish they are!


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