Trump ally: It’s better to disband the military than allow trans troops

Trump ally: It’s better to disband the military than allow trans troops · PinkNews

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PinkNews – Tony Perkins, an evangelical ally of Donald Trump, has claimed that it would be better to “disband” the military than to allow trans people to serve. The anti-LGBT Family Research Council has close…

One thought on “Trump ally: It’s better to disband the military than allow trans troops

  1. OK, I admit that I have little knowledge of evangelicals but when I read this I am asking the honest question: do evangelicals want the USA to be vulnerable to foreign invasion?

    Do the evangelicals really sacrifice the USA to forward their hatred against people who love another person differently from the evangelical way of loving?

    If the answer to that rather simple and straight-forward question is a yes, then in my opinion the evangelicals are danger to the existence of the USA, because as we all know, there are numerous countries around this globe who’d be more then happy to at least plan an invasion of what we know as to be America!

    And, considering the fact that this evangelical individual is an acknowledged and endorsed companion of mister Trump, the candidate of the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States of America, could it be that this same mister Trump desires to dismiss, or to use the words of this religious low-life, disband the military of the USA?

    Disband means

    verb: disband; 3rd person present: disbands; past tense: disbanded; past participle: disbanded; gerund or present participle: disbanding

    (with reference to an organized group) break up or cause to break up.
    “the unit was scheduled to disband”
    synonyms: break up, disperse, demobilize, dissolve, scatter, separate, go separate ways, part company
    “the unit was scheduled to disband”

    which means to get rid of that what will be disbanded, meaning that this religious fanatic is planning, in order to get his anti-equality sustained, and willing to end the defense of the USA against foreign military powers, like the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, ISIS and any other foreign military power!

    When mister Trump endorses this evangelical individual to proceed, then mister Trump is putting America as well as Americans in danger!

    My suggestion and advice is: DUMP TRUMP (as long as we still can!)!


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