Reject Hate. Support And Defend Human Rights


I am alarmed by the hateful and dangerous rhetoric coming from politicians across Europe and the United States. Demonizing Muslims, scapegoating refugees, justifying torture, banning entire populations based on who they are or what they believe in.

Polarizing “us-versus-them” rhetoric is no longer just part of the fringe — it’s now the norm of our political discourse.

It’s up to you — and everyone who values basic human rights principles — to take a stand. Take action now: reject the politics of intolerance and hate. Pledge your support for human rights values today.

Human Rights Watch has been combating discrimination and xenophobia for decades — championing immigration reform in the US, fighting for freedom of religion, and defending the rights and dignity of refugees worldwide.

We must not allow the rising threat of racism and hate violate our most basic principles of humanity.

Will you stand with us?

Join me and take the pledge to reject intolerance around the globe. Tell the world that you support human rights today.

Thank you,

Ken Roth
Executive Director
Human Rights Watch

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