Tenth anniversary of the ghost detainees’ arrival at Guantanamo

Tenth anniversary of the ghost detainees’ arrival at Guantanamo

September 6, however, marks a far more somber anniversary. It will be 10 years since the world first learned that 14 men had been kept in secret CIA detention when President Bush announced their arrival at Guantanamo. In the years since, we have learned about the CIA’s torture program and many of the brutal things that were done to them, from waterboarding and beatings to rape and sexual assault. Yet, even with the release of the executive summary and key facts from the Senate Torture Report, there still hasn’t been full transparency or accountability.

Just weeks after the news broke, CCR filed a habeas case on behalf of one of those men, Majid Khan, and fought for a year to be able to meet with him. And now we represent a second of the so-called high-value detainees, Guled Hassan Dourad, about whom very little is known. We expect to meet with him for the first time at Guantanamo on the afternoon of September 14. Meanwhile, with your continued support, we will keep fighting for more transparency, more accountability, and our clients’ right to justice.

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