One thought on “Turkey sends EU mixed message on migration

  1. Perhaps the European Union (EU) should create a directive that takes all non-EU passports away from people who have and hold also an EU-member state passport……… including the Turkish!

    With Turkey getting close to blackmailing the EU on free-visa or visa-free travels for Turkish citizens, it is time for the EU to take a stand, and make clear that this sort of practices may be normal within the Turkish society and community, but is unacceptable in the EU, and is not conform the EU values and norms, let alone the standards of the EU!

    Yes, there is a deal with the Turks on the refugee problem, but in that deal there is no talk about a visa-free travel for Turks into the EU!
    That the Turkish government under the leadership of mister Erdogan demands free travels for Turkish citizens in exchange for honoring a deal on refugees is shocking, and close to criminal, especially when one considers that the practices by the same Turkish government against perceived supporters of the coup de etat is showing a serious contempt for democracy and opposition!

    Arresting people, torturing people, putting and keeping people in jails on the assumption that they were involved in a coup is criminal, and far from the values that the EU stands for, and a country that has such practices should never be allowed to even enter talks for becoming a member of the EU!
    The Turkish government is overstepping its borders of honoring deals with other countries, and mister Erdogan might be wanting to create a new great Ottoman empire, with himself as leader, but when that creation of a new Turkish empire is coinciding with leaving democratic values and practices behind, and turning to dictatorial practices is considered normal, mister Erdogan must realize that the People in the EU are not accepting it, and that this will have its effect on how the People of Europe will treat people with a Turkish passport!

    There is no proof yet presented about the involvement of the Gulan movement in the coup, there seems to be proof though that the government of mister Erdogan was involved in the creation of the coup, and as such it is unacceptable that mister Erdogan is coming on to the EU and the People of Europe to demand anything!

    No visa-free travels for Turkish citizens as long as the government of Turkey does not honor the deal/treaty between the EU and Turkey on and about the refugees coming from Syria!
    Talks about Turkey entering the EU are not connected to the deal/treaty, and the Turkish government must stop with making a connection between the two!


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