Donald Trump surrogate loses mind, curses out reporter, gets humiliated for it

Donald Trump surrogate loses mind, curses out reporter, gets humiliated for it

As the Donald Trump campaign continues to fall out of contention and its candidate continues to act even more erratically, his surrogates have fallen under increasing pressure to explain away his words and behavior. Further, when he essentially sold out his campaign to extremist political site Breitbart this week, it seemed to send a signal that he was giving up trying to win. That’s left his surrogates high and dry, perhaps explaining why one of them completely lost his mind and cursed out a reporter.

This is not the first time we’ve seen distressing behavior from Donald Trump surrogate and losing Florida congressional candidate Dan Bognino while on the media circuit. His appearance on CNN two weeks ago was so embarrassing that host Don Lemon finally blurted out at him “You should be ashamed of yourself.” But now Bongino’s demeanor while speaking to the media has deteriorated. Rapidly.

After an article in the Naples News pointed out that Dan Bongino was being severely out-fundraised in his own congressional race and highlighted the fact that most of Bongino’s money was mysteriously coming from outside his district. This set him off to the point that for some reason he got on the phone with a reporter from a different publication, Marc Caputo of Politico, and ended up cursing him out with one profane insult after another.

The Politico reporter had warned Dan Bongino in advance that the call was being recorded, making it fair game when the news outlet turned around and posted a recording of Bongino’s profane meltdown to YouTube for all to hear. You can listen to it by clicking here:


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