Chicago Police Department issues statement calling Donald Trump a liar

Chicago Police Department issues statement calling Donald Trump a liar


Even as fact checkers have confirmed that Donald Trump has been lying most of the time during the course of his political campaign, his torrent of lies seems to be growing more bizarre by the day. This time his latest lie involves the Chicago Police Department, and it was so egregious that the department itself has now issued a statement confirming that Trump is lying. So much for winning over the “law and order” vote.

Donald Trump went on Fox News this week and claimed that he met with a “top” member of the Chicago Police Department, which any reasonable person would assume to mean one of the leaders or highest ranking personnel. But that claim began to fall apart when he tried to speak about the details. “I’m sure he’s got a strategy” for reducing the crime level, he ad libbed, before inexplicably adding “I didn’t ask him his strategy.”

This led the Chicago Police Department itself to cry foul, issuing a statement yesterday confirming that “No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign.” Oops.

Now the Trump campaign is trying to mitigate the damage of his latest bizarre by claiming, apparently with a straight face, that when Trump said he was meeting with one of the “top” people in the Chicago Police Department, he merely meant that he was meeting with a random low level officer who was probably really good at his job.

It’s almost as if the Trump campaign is no longer even trying to bother making a serious effort at covering for Donald Trump’s increasingly absurd lies. If so, then it’s no wonder. With fact checkers confirming that Trump is lying most of the time, they can probably no longer keep up with her.

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