Today in Palestine for November 20, 2015

Today in Palestine for November 20, 2015
Today in Palestine–A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn
IJAN Statement on Attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Yola and Kano
IJAN–The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network condemns without question the horrible crimes perpetrated in the last days, the ones the mass media has made visible, as in France, and the ones it has refused to see in Lebanon, Iraq and Nigeria, and as ever, in Palestine. We reject these criminal operations – whoever is responsible. And we stand with the people, the innocent victims of these crimes.dn
7.46 nub,Video–Save Gaza, Save the World. A Message to humanity
Al Awda– dn
To Understand What `To Neutralize` Means, Look at This Broken Palestinian Man
Gideon Levy and Alex Levac–A young Palestinian participates in a tumultuous demonstration, Israeli undercover men knock him to the ground and shoot him point-blank. The result: Mohammed Ziada, 19, is partly paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. dn
How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines
Amena Saleem–In a rare burst of reporting on an Israeli atrocity, the BBC ran an article on its website headlined: “Israelis shoot dead Palestinian in Hebron hospital raid.” It was a straightforward headline which summed up the story. But later in the day, a different headline appeared above the report, reading: “Israelis in disguise raid Hebron hospital, seizing suspect.” dn
87 Palestinians Shot by Israeli forces in West Bank, Gaza Clashes [in one day]
Ma`an–At least 87 Palestinians were shot and injured by Israeli forces during clashes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday, medics told Ma’an. dn
Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660kg of plutonium
Ynet–Institute For Science and International Security report claims Israel has `wide range of delivery vehicles for its nuclear weapons,` including nuclear-capable cruise missiles. dn
American Anthropological Association overwhelmingly endorses BDS .
MEM–The American Anthropological Association (AAA) has approved a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions, at the body’s annual meeting in Denver on Friday night. dn
Arresting Netanyahu
Toby Cadman–Spanish arrest warrant or not, here`s why it will never happen. dn
Number of Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons doubles
Noam Rotem–So many Palestinian minors have been arrested in the past two months that Israeli authorities had to open a new facility to hold them. (
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