Israeli court approves demolition of Palestinian village

Israeli court approves demolition of Palestinian village

by aletho

IMEMC & Agencies | May 5, 2015 An Israeli Court ruled Monday on the removal of Susiya Bedouin village, in Masafer Yatta area, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after colonists of the illegal Susya settlement, demanded the removal of the Palestinian enclave. Coordinator of the Popular and National Committee in southern […]

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1 thought on “Israeli court approves demolition of Palestinian village

  1. How can a court that respects itself even hear the complaint of a group that under any law and especially international law is labeled illegal, terrorist and criminal?

    One would expect from rogue courts that they would do such a thing, but not from a court that is supposed to be a court in the one and only democratic country in the whole region…….

    But then, a country that practices on a daily base war-crimes, that orders its soldiers to rape, abuse and kill children, a country when entering it subjects pregnant women to be examined manually by 19, 20 year male soldiers in rooms were only the female and two male soldiers are present, a country were publicly soldiers rape boys, a country were young boys who ares tripped of all cloths are put in cells with adult males, were police officers are encouraged to abuse young girls, were intelligence officers are ordering young men to sexually satisfy them or be put in prison for life, how can one expect that the courts are defending the rights of people who are as of 1948 oppressed, thrown out and off their land?

    We’ve seen this happening to to ancestors of the people living in the country that claims to be the only democratic country in the region, defending its existence, we’ve seen it happening by the nazi-courts were people were brought into the room before the judges bleeding and with broken bones, and then sentenced to death, a sentence carried out 5 minutes later in the chamber of the judge……..
    Who knows what happens in the chambers of the judges of the Courts of Israel………

    It is plausible to assume that hundreds of men, women and children are abused, tortured and killed on order of the judges of these kind of courts!

    The world can not do anything else then to condemn the practices of all branches of government of the state of Israel, from the street-gangs called police force, to the highest of the highest levels of the courts and the government itself!

    Israel = the 4th Reich!
    National-Socialism is be condemned in 2015, in its place the Zionist-Nationalism has been created!
    What is worse one wonders…….
    As long in the name of fighting anti-semitism everything seems to be allowed!


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