Conservative Leader Caught On HOT MIC: ‘The Jews Are The Problem’

Conservative Leader Caught On HOT MIC: ‘The Jews Are The Problem’ (Audio)

Posted by: John Prager in Audio, LGBT, Religion, TEApublicans in Action March 8, 2014



Recently, we saw a fairly disgusting example of the sort of “humor” one finds in a room full on conservatives at the “roast” of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arizona State Rep. John Kavanaugh regaled the crowd with “jokes” about Arpaio’s repressive policies and treatment of Maricopa County’s Hispanic population and other groups that aren’t white, straight Christians.

While it was not meant to be quite as public Lt. Jerry Boykin (retired), executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a conservative “Christian” anti-marriage equality group, told some insanely bigoted jokes (We think they’re jokes, anyway. It is hard to tell) of his own at the National Security Action Summit–just down the street from CPAC, a hotspot for discreet, no-strings-attached gay hookups.

Unfortunately for the Lieutenant General, his mic was on. After the broadcast of a panel on (you guessed it) Benghazi. After “Benghazigate: The Ugly Truth and the Cover-up,” the video cut out but the audio feed continued–all through a series of anti-Muslim, anti-Jew (to be fair, we suppose) remarks–as well as some other gems.

He begins by telling a reporter that Obama’s real first public appearance overseas, and a stop on his “notorious apology tour,” was Cairo. “If you understand anything about Islam,” he continued, “there are subliminal messages.” Obama’s message to them is “I understand you and I support you.”

He added that “Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and everybody else” is taking advantage of the “opportunity that they see that they have a president that identifies with them, that has been supportive of them inside the United States, and is unwilling to go against them.”

Boykin recommended that the reporter contact the FRC’s head of media relations, J.P. Duffy. He was then approached by Henry Schwarts of Israeli National News, a right-wing Israeli news site.

An unidentified person asked Boykin, “Would you mind doing a two-minute interview with Israel, Israel National News?” Boykin responded, “The Jews are the problem, the Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world.”

Someone–either the first reporter or the unidentified man–responded  “I know, I know, that’s why we’re trying to fix everything.”

Har. Har. What the heil is wrong with people?


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