UN report: Israel must end its illegal blockade on Gaza

UN report: Israel must end its illegal blockade on Gaza

by aletho

Palestine Information Center – 01/11/2011

GAZA — A UN report has affirmed that Israel’s blockade on the impoverished Gaza Strip is illegal and demanded an immediate end to it.

This came in the 43rd report that was submitted to the UN general assembly during its 66th session by the special committee that is commissioned to probe and report about Israel’s violations against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The report mentioned at length the blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza and its impacts on education, health, housing, employment and human development.

It condemned Israel’s actions against Gaza as mass punishment against civilians, and a violation of the international humanitarian law, adding that Israel also violated its obligations under international law of human rights.

The committee demanded Israel to end its illegal blockade on Gaza and ensure regular and adequate entry of food, medicines and other vital need to it in compliance with resolution 1860 that was issued by the UN security council in 2009.

The committee also called on Israel to end its restrictions on fishing activities in Gaza territorial waters and allow Palestinian fishermen to go 20 nautical miles out to sea according to the Oslo accords it signed in 1994.

The committee recommended in its report that the UN security council and its general assembly should consider imposing sanctions against the Israeli government for its persistent refusal to cooperate with UN bodies and respect their resolutions.

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