San Francisco police investigating possible hate crime after two tourists pepper-sprayed

San Francisco police investigating possible hate crime after two tourists pepper-sprayed – San Francisco police said they are investigating a possible hate crime after two tourists from New York were pepper-sprayed Saturday night by a group of assailants yelling homophobic slurs. The two…

LAPD Probes Derrick Rose Rape Claims

LAPD Probes Derrick Rose Rape Claims
The Los Angeles Police Department said Monday it has opened a criminal investigation into New York Knicks player Derrick Rose over rape allegations against him. An LAPD detective confirmed the existence of a probe in a letter to lawyers for Rose’s accuser, who wants to remain anonymous. Rose could miss the beginning of the season if the lawsuit is not settled before the trial date of Oct. 4. “He’s aware of it, but it’s not keeping him up at night,” Knicks President Phil Jackson said. The case is a civil suit seeking $21.5 million.

NASA: Water Plumes Observed on Europa

NASA: Water Plumes Observed on Europa
Image from the Hubble Space Telescope may show “water vapor plumes erupting” on the surface of Europa, Jupiter’s moon, NASA publicized on Monday. Europa’s ocean is considered to be one of the most promising places that could potentially harbor life in the solar system,” acting associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington, Geoff Yoder, said in a statement. Instead of having to drill through miles of ice to test Europa’s ocean, these images suggest that missions to the planetary body may be able to access ocean samples more easily. “This observation opens up a world of possibilities,” said Paul Hertz, director of NASA Headquarters’ Astrophysics division.

Houston Shooter Wore Nazi Gear

Cops: Houston Shooter Wore Nazi Gear
The gunman who shot and wounded nine people Monday morning in Houston was wearing Nazi paraphernalia, two law-enforcement sources told KPRC2. Officers responded to the scene just around 6 a.m., where the shooter opened fire on police, “wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with Swastikas on it.” The gunman was found dead shortly after the police returned fire and several weapons have been found inside his vehicle, according to local police. Investigators who inspected the shooter’s apartment reportedly found additional Nazi paraphernalia inside. Interim Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo stated that she is not ready to say whether the shooting was related to terrorism.
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